Business Expense Reduction
About ERC

About Expense Reduction Coaching

ERC was founded in 1993 to help business reduce indirect expenses in up to 40 different cost categories. These include Telecommunications, Merchant Processing, Office Supplies, Payroll Services, Insurance, Utilities and Taxes among many others. We also analyze a wide set of relevant cost categories that typically slip under management's radar. We are trained to uncover these opportunities and help you capitalize them promptly.

ERC's Unique Process

Our proprietary 7 step process has allowed us to maximize savings for a wide range of cost categories in different businesses nationwide. Our success is supported by a deep understanding of the industry that allows us to work with a wide range of vendors that provide excellent service at the best possible costs.

Why do Companies Overspend?

The main purpose of a business is to increase shareholders value, providing increasing profits and return on the invested capital...

The Magic of RONI: Return on Non-Investment

Most investors and managers are very familiar with the concept of Return on Investment (ROI). In this article we would like to introduce a new concept: Return of Non-Investment (RONI)...

Learn in 3 mins how you can save thousands of dollars...

The Low Hanging Fruit in Expense Reduction

In an increasingly competitive environment, companies are frequently forced to reduce costs to succeed in their markets...

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Our experience in the expense reduction field since 1993, shows that these reasons can be grouped into four main buckets: